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    The New Law of Attraction

    by Viviana Grunert & Giacomo Bruno

    "The N.1 Law-of-Attraction Amazon Bestseller" ?????

    "The Best Law-of-Attraction Book in Italy and USA" ?????

    The book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne has sold millions of copies and has spread the concept of “law...

    Business Management Tips from an Improvement Ninja

    by Paul Naysmith

    A collection of works by Quality Punk and Improvement Ninja Paul Naysmith to follow his first book "Business Management Tips from a Quality Punk". A series of humorous tales in Quality Business Management, with...

    Rally Trading

    by Giacomo Bruno

    It is true, Bitcoin has fallen 70% in the last few months. But it is not the first time. In the last eight years, Bitcoin has “crumbled” dozens of times but, despite of what newspapers and media say, it...

    Business English

    by Rosalia Covello

    This Business English Course introduces different aspects of Business English, working on main language points and important vocabulary through a variety of topics.

    3X Speed Writing

    by Giacomo Bruno

    Bestseller? Yes, after reading this text you would have learned how to write a book from scratch and how to become a bestseller author.

    In this book you will discover:

    • How to write a 100 pages book in 10 hours...

    The Richest Man in Babylon

    by George S. Clason

    This timeless book holds that the key to success lies in the secrets of the ancients. Based on the famous "Babylonian principles," it's been hailed as the greatest of all inspirational works on the subject of...

    Why Are We So Different?

    by Jaroslaw Jankowski

    Why are we so very different from one another? Why do we organise our lives in such disparate ways? Why are our modes of assimilating information so varied? Why are our approaches to decision-making so diverse?...

    the blue giants - gigantes azules

    by Sabrina Minetti & Marco Zanisi

    ENG The story of a company and of the family that created it and made it big. Business and personal events unfold and intertwine along a journey that started fifty years ago. In the background, a country, Italy,...

    Hook 'em with Humor

    by Ricky Olson, Laura L. Bush & Jerry Corley

    Ricky Olson is an award-winning humorous speaker. Although he was told all his life he was funny, no one was laughing when he gave stand-up comedy a shot. Being “naturally funny” failed him, so he was forced...

    The Globalization Paradox

    by Dani Rodrik

    For a century, economists have driven forward the cause of globalization in financial institutions, labour markets, and trade. Yet there have been consistent warning signs that a global economy and free trade...

    Scientific Advertising

    by Claude C. Hopkins

    Scientific Advertising by Claude C. Hopkins

    Gain a lifetime of experience from the inventor of test marketing and coupon sampling -- Claude C. Hopkins. Discover his fixed principles and basic fundamentals that...


    by David S. Evans & Richard Schmalensee

    Many of the most dynamic public companies, from Alibaba to Facebook to Visa, and the most valuable start-ups, such as Airbnb and Uber, are matchmakers that connect one group of customers with another group of...

    Capitalism Hits the Fan

    by Richard D. Wolff

    A breathtakingly clear analysis that breaks down the root causes of today’s economic crisis

    With unerring coherence and unequaled breadth of knowledge, Rick Wolff offers a rich and much needed corrective...

    Scientific Advertising

    by De Clau C. Hopkins

    The time has come when advertising has in some hands reached the status of a science. It is based on fixed principles and is reasonably exact. The causes and effects have been analyzed until they are well understood....

    Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies

    by Jim Collins & Jerry I. Porras

    "This is not a book about charismatic visionary leaders. It is not about visionary product concepts or visionary products or visionary market insights. Nor is it about just having a corporate vision. This is...

    Ziglar on Selling

    by Zig Ziglar

    Want to be on top in your sales career?

    How do you succeed in the profession of selling?while also maintaining your sanity, avoiding ulcers and heart attacks, continuing in a good relationship with your spouse...

    Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

    by John C. Maxwell

    Only one thing stands between you and success.

    It isn't experience.

    It isn't talent.

    World-renowned leadership expert John C. Maxwell says if you want to succeed, you must learn how to connect with people. And...

    Bitcoin Manifesto: ONE CPU ONE VOTE

    by Satoshi Nakamoto

    Original annotated and commented edition of the masterpiece of the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, inventor of Bitcoin, the digital currency on everyone’s lips. However, few noticed that the innovative power...

    Risk-Sensitive Investment Management

    by Mark H A Davis & Sbastien Lleo

    Over the last two decades, risk-sensitive control has evolved into an innovative and successful framework for solving dynamically a wide range of practical investment management problems.

    This book shows how...

    An Aspie's Guide to Choosing a Career: Been There. Done That. Try This!

    by Tony Attwood, Craig Evans & Anita Lesko

    This ebook gathers a team of top Aspie mentors to pass along their insights on choosing a career - a key stressor for people with Asperger's Syndrome. With 8 inspiring mentor essays, commentary from world expert...


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