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    Blood Treasure #1: New Adult Vampire Romance

    by Mac Flynn

    A forgotten tomb, a bored college-aged woman, and one wrong step lead to a sensual encounter.

    Mary Murray is the college-aged student, a woman bored out of her mind with digging for artifacts that aren’t there....

    Starstruck: The Moon and the Stars, Book 1 (Werewolf Shifter Romance)

    by Mac Flynn

    Elizabeth Edmonds is a normal, clumsy woman working at a small, normal bakery. That is, until one night leads her on a chance encounter with a movie star manager. The star himself wants to get to know her. She...

    Eligible Billionaire: Alpha Mated, Book 1

    by Mac Flynn

    Dakota Combes’s life of paperwork and boredom is about to come to a sudden and romantic end courtesy of her handsome and wealthy boss, David Dives. He’s the playboy of the floors, a wealthy bachelor with...


    by Olivia Blake


    Seth Garrett didn’t look like a teacher. His deep set, green-gray eyes regarded the world with weary cynicism from a face that was too hard, too angled, to be classically handsome. Ever since I’d...

    Winter's Fall

    by Olivia Blake

    Most fairy tales start with a wicked stepmother...

    Nicole’s life in Key West was paradise until her father died. Then her stepmother stole his dive company, fired her, and kicked her out of her apartment. To...

    Space Girls

    by George Saoulidis

    When three moons are doomed to fall into the nearest gas giant, the queen of a nearby planet is asked to help them. Will she manage to make a decision in time, when the ship that will help avoid the destruction...

    Billionaire Seeking Bride #1: BBW Alpha Billionaire Romance

    by Mac Flynn

    Vicki Loom works as a janitor in a large office building. It’s a lonely job made bearable by the company of her cantankerous old coworker, Tom. She dreams of a better life in the arms of a sensual lover, but...

    Luna Proxy #1: Werewolf Shifter Romance

    by Mac Flynn

    A grimy world surrounds Leila Ulric. Gangs roam the streets, her dead-end job has no end, and her apartment isn’t much larger than a walk-in closet. Her life looks to be turning around when a death leads...

    Cyber Girls

    by George Saoulidis

    When her follow count drops dramatically, a cyborg influencer stumbles on an offer for a new and unique gimmick and decides to go for it. But will she manage to get the prosthetic, when it costs much more than...

    Death Cursed: Death Touched, Book 1 (Urban Fantasy Romance)

    by Mac Flynn

    Death comes for everyone. For Nena, Death comes for her, but doesn't collect. She's instead picked up by a mysterious group led by a man named Scratch, and they won't let her go now that she's Death Touched....

    Moon Lovers #1: BBW Werewolf Shifter Romance

    by Mac Flynn

    Tasha Taylor was an average woman with an above-average waistline, but one night all that (except the waistline) changes when she's attacked in the laundry room. Her savior is a large shadow with glowing golden...

    Dragon Pact: Blood Dragon, Book 1 (Vampire Dragon Shifter Romance)

    by Mac Flynn

    Sarah Rennelle is a teacher who longs for nothing more than summer to return and her crazy roommate to find some sanity. Unfortunately, one wrong step into an alley and she becomes an eye-witness to a terrible...

    Orientation: Office Duties, Book 1 (Demon Paranormal Romance)

    by Mac Flynn

    Office duties just got a lot more fun.

    Samantha Olsen was looking to climb up the corporate ladder to better her life when she happened upon this great job opening higher up in her company. To her surprise she...

    Alpha Initiation: Alpha Blood, Book 1

    by Mac Flynn

    Rebecca wasn’t looking for trouble on her night out with her girlfriends, but trouble found her in the form of a dark and handsome stranger. He swept her up and plopped her down in a world of werewolves, blood...

    Rushed Together

    by Derek Stevens, Josephine P.

    What could have happened to two complete strangers that got them handcuffed to a hotel bed two thousand miles from 星光彩票and邀请码?

    He doesn’t know. He doesn't even know who he is.

    She doesn’t know. All she knows is...

    Asia Folklore Tales of The Beautiful Moon Maiden

    by Muhammad Vandestra & Maya Aminah Sakura

    There was an old bamboo cutter called Také Tori. He was an honest old man, very poor and hard-working, and he lived with his good old wife in a cottage on the hills. Children they had none, and little comfort...

    Capture Me

    by Anna Zaires

    A sizzling new series from the New York Times bestselling author of Twist Me

    She fears him from the first moment she sees him.

    Yulia Tzakova is no stranger to dangerous men. She grew up with them. She survived...

    Maid for the Rock Star

    by Demelza Carlton

    A maid at the exclusive Romance Island Resort, Audra knows how to handle rock stars, billionaires and celebrities. She keeps their secrets, cleans up their mess and makes sure their holiday is a memorable one....

    Pale Stranger: Pale Series, Book 1

    by Mac Flynn

    Trixie is a wise-cracking waitress trying to work her way through college when a late-night storm blows in a stranger. He’s not like the usual customers with his pale skin and dark clothes. Her kindness to...

    Dragon Spell: Fated Touch Book 1

    by Mac Flynn

    Jane is a normal orphan with unusual grandparents. She doesn’t realize how unusual until she returns on holiday from college to discover that her grandmother has been kidnapped. Her grandfather reveals that...


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